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Aberdeen Tutors is a locally based tuition service which uses only qualified teachers. Our tutors are qualified to teach their subjects and are registered to teach in classrooms throughout Scotland.

We have been providing tutors throughout Aberdeen and its surrounding area for two decades and have a proven track record in helping youngsters and adults achieve their goals.

We pride ourselves on taking a keen interest in our students and our tutors are all committed to helping their pupils reach their potential. This can mean working towards a top grade or being supported while struggling towards a pass in a difficult subject.

We not only cater for students facing their National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher exams but have tutors trained in helping all age groups from Primary school children through to adults and in almost every subject.

As well as providing one to one tuition sessions we also offer revision courses during the Easter holidays for key exam subjects.

Our exam revision classes in April are limited to 8 pupils per class and are highly regarded and therefore quickly booked out.

Online video classes use professional platform Zoom with all the vital teaching features such as using interactive board, screen sharing, chat and sharing files.

So whether you would like extra support before exams or would just like to learn something new, we have qualified and experienced tutors to help.

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